Labour Councillors Reaffirm Their Opposition to Heathrow Expansion

no 3rd runwayHeathrow Villages Councillor June Nelson and Hillingdon Labour Leader Councillor Peter Curling have condemned the Airports Commissions’ proposed expansion options for Heathrow Airport.

The interim report of the Airports’ Commission was revealed on Tuesday 17th Decemeber. The Commission’s report shortlists two expansion options at Heathrow, including one that would decimate Harmondsworth and Longford.

Councillor Nelson commented: “Like most residents we are opposed to expansion plans that threaten people’s homes. We want a better Heathrow, not a bigger Heathrow.

“The airport is a vital party of our local economy but expansion will destroy the homes of hundreds of families. I will campaign alongside local residents against any threat of expansion.”

Labour Group Leader, Councillor Curling also attacked the Mayor of London’s plans to close Heathrow completely, a plan that was recently welcomed by Council Leader Ray Puddifoot.

Cllr Curling said: “The Mayor of London wishes to see Heathrow close all together, in favour of his ‘Boris Island’ vanity project in the Isle of Grain.

“The Mayor’s plans, which Cllr Puddifoot supports, would cost over £100bn and cost thousands of local residents their jobs.

“Plans for a new London Borough to be built at Heathrow are just blue sky thinking from a Tory Mayor and Council Leader who, unlike local residents, have no financial dependence on Heathrow’s future.

“Local Labour campaigners continue to oppose any expansion at Heathrow but remain committed to protecting the jobs of the many local residents employed there.”