Tories Vote Through a Pay Rise for Themselves

no cuts hereAt the full council meeting on Thursday 12th September, the Tory administration voted through a 1% increase in the basic allowance paid to every elected councillor in Hillingdon.

This is at a time of austerity when the council’s staff are feeling undervalued and seeing their incomes decrease, that’s if they are lucky enough to be re-employed after being forced to apply for their own jobs but on a lower pay scale.

The residents, whom the administration claim to put First in everything they do, are facing cuts in the level of services the council provide.  Households on low incomes are facing increases in council tax, benefit claimants are facing cuts in benefits but increases in council tax, rent and the bedroom tax amongst others.

The levels of allowances in Hillingdon are very high compared to the other 31 London Boroughs. The Leader of the council is the 2nd highest paid in London, with an annual allowance of £62,526 the Deputy Leader is the highest paid deputy in London, cashing in an annual allowance of £54,306 the five other cabinet members all receive an annual allowance of £47,114 and committee chairmen all receive an annual allowance of £31,769 and back bench councillors all receive an annual allowance of £10,481

With allowances at this level the Labour Group find any increase in allowances (even 1% of the basic allowance) totally inappropriate and not at all in the public interest.  Furthermore we consider it to be an insult to the council tax payers and a kick in the guts to those on low incomes.

All Labour Councillors have therefore signed up to donate their increase to Hillingdon Food Bank, so that it will go some way to helping those in most need.  We are also committed to make significant cuts to the scheme of councillor allowances if we take control of the council after the local elections in May next year.

Cllr Peter Crling
Leader of The Labour Group
London Borough of Hillingdon