The Festive Season and Domestic Violence

Each year on 25th November it is international white ribbon day, which is a day to highlight one of the most horrific examples of how some people feel that they need to abuse the person that they are supposed to love the most.  Domestic Violence and domestic abuse in all its guises is an evil in our society and one that we should all be aware of and one that we should not ignore.

The Festive season is, for many of us, a time of family happiness, tinsel, lights, decorations, presents, and over indulgence. However it is also the time of year when incidents of Domestic Violence rise. I would urge anyone who has a friend, neighbour or family member who they suspect is a victim of this CRIME, to ring the Police if they think the victim is in need of help.

Many victims of Domestic Violence dread this time of year when they know their partner’s alcohol consumption goes up, arguments start and they fear for their lives. If you see unexplained bruises or hear shouting, screaming or cries for help from friends, neighbours or family members and think it isn’t your concern, IT IS. Please DON’T IGNORE IT – REPORT IT. It is a problem that will only be eradicated when, as a society, we acknowledge that we all should help those subjected to violence and abuse.

Please, please remember that children who witness or hear violence in the home are also the victims and need our help and support.

FACT: Two women a week are killed by their partners because people have just looked the other way and decided not to get involved.

The Council has provisions in place for helping victims fleeing violence, you can call 01895 250111 (24 hours a day)

There is also a support service on 01895 457423 and you can contact the borough’s Domestic Violence Victims Advocate – Cllr Janet Gardner – via the Labour Group office on 01895 250 780.

If you are a victim and in fear of violence then call the POLICE on 999 – don’t wait and hope it won’t happen. Victims, friends of victims and concerned neighbours can call the Community Safety Team at West Drayton Police Station on 020 8246 1766 who will provide you with help and advice.

Cllr Peter Curling
Leader of The Labour Group
London Borough of Hillingdon